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Down Range Strength

Task Force Silverback

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Develop the physical dominance and resiliency to dominate any demanding task year around! Task Force Silverback is the tried and true plan used by the strongest operators in the world since 2018. This plan has dominated SOF / AFSOC for years with the lowest injury rates in the world, 100% tier 1 physical passing rates, used by 6 World's Strongest Operator winners in multiple weight classes.

Many have a difficult time gaining strength, staying healthy, being in great shape, packing on muscles to gain double glances at the pub on tdy. The Task Force Silverback program has perfected all of those.

Skill Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Demand: The busy individual looking to be physically dominant year around

Session Duration: 60–90mins

Training Per Week: 5 Days

Minimal equipment list: barbell, trap bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands

Would be nice equipment list: barbell, trap bar, specialty bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, reverse hyper, ghr, machine options

This program is specifically designed for the traveling and deploying operator, while lots of equipment is nice, this program has been optimally used in garages and ODA gyms all over the world with minimal equipment. The reason the program works so well is anti specificity and high transferability. This is a concurrent based program that raises multiple physical capacities year around. With that said if you do not have access to a specific piece of equipment, substitute with a like minded movement with ease and you will progress successfully.


Specifically designed for the busy tactical athlete. Looking for the perfect plan to gain and hold on to power strength size endurance while being resilient in any demand and environment? Stop looking and join the plan that has led SOF for years building the strongest operators in the world!



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