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Down Range Strength


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POWERBUILDING: The combination of increasing the numbers on main power lifts, while increasing muscular size and aesthetics.

PWR BLD is for the testosterone driven no frills lifter looking to lift anything that isn't bolted and turn heads of everyone at the local pub!

The PWR BLD program operates on 5 training days a week dedicated to make you strong as a bull and aesthetically pleasing at the same time

Who should run PWR BLD
-the lifter that doesn't mind being asked "how much ya bench" at every social gathering
-the lifter that doesn't mind being asked if they were a pro wrestler or where they plated football
-individuals that do not mind entering doors sideways
-physical specimen that aren't are willing to put their hand in the dirt and push their limits on pig iron in the pursuit of being strong as hell and carry a physique to match

The end user of PWR BLD can expect a new level of strength and quality dense old school 70's big muscles!!!

 high quality sustainable size and strength gains while increasing tactical work capacity. This high volume density program was designed specifically for the busy operator to reach new levels of size and strength specifically while being deployed with minimal equipment at their disposal.

Upon purchase of the PWR BLD 12 WK PROGRAM you will receive an email to the email address you checked out with within 24 hrs of purchase containing your individual TrainHeroic code. From there you will place the code on the date you'd like to start and GROW ! ! !

Equipment needs for the program-

A program that can be ran anywhere with size and strength respected everywhere!!!