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Down Range Strength


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After overwhelming results and popularity from JKD & JCY, we bring you the size sequel JKD & JCY: YOKED !

Keeping a strong emphasis on size and strength, JKD & JCY: YOKED brings a monster emphasis on growing the yoke and neck, while bringing up total body strength and aesthetics! 

The end user can expect high quality sustainable size and strength gains while increasing tactical work capacity to transfer to any goal after completing JKD & JCY: YOKED. This high volume density program was designed specifically for the busy individual and tactical athlete to reach new levels of size and strength specifically while being very busy or deployed with minimal equipment at their disposal.

If you are looking for new strength gains and huge size gains while not feeling run into the ground this program is for you.

The JKD&JCY: YOKED program operates in 4 week waves of varied intensity allowing for continuous progress the whole way.

Equipment- Normal commercial gym set up is plenty. Designed to be completed on deployment or any base gym. Barbell, trap bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, safety squat bar are ideal

Program length- 12 wks

Split- 5 days / wk