Grip Strength Saves Lives

Grip Strength Saves Lives

Grip strength saves lives.

As skedcos and litters aren’t always available in critical situations, sometimes it comes down to something as simple as a door to carry a patient, as seen above.

Notice the posture and confidence between the DownRangeStrength alumni who frequent quality grip training and the gentlemen manning the front that appear to neglect.

3 considerations for elite tactical grip training:

✅ Raise your absolute strength

✅ Change carry implements often
✅ Train high intensity holds and low intensity endurance holds

By raising your absolute strength all objects will feel lighter to your grip. There is an old saying the best way to bench 400 is to overhead press 300. We suggest the best way to make carrying 200 feel easy in the field is to lift 600 off the floor in the weight room. Keep getting stronger and watch things you carry seem lighter.

We use a variety of specialty implements to train carry’s. Looping towels, ropes, bands through weights for instability and consistent challenge. Use fat grips, axles, rolling thunders, all grip tools at or greater than 2”. Through a wide menu of variations it prepares the tactical athlete for whatever they have to use in the field to carry.

Train high and low intensity. We do a tremendous amount of holds at 85% and above on the trap bar deadlift. This will not only increase the grip tremendously but aids the deadlift greatly without having to add volume. Another DownRangeStrength staple is 10% walks with kettlebells. We start with 10% of your deadlift in each hand and simply walk for distance. Aiming to add 30 seconds each week. We have found 10% of your trap bar deadlift in each hand for 2 sets of 6 minutes to be elite status. NO DROPS.


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